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Performing Balinese Contemporer Dance in The 38'th APDSA Thailand 2011 Land a Hand Project- Community service (co-organized by APDSA)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

la mémoire of APDSA

It’s been a month or so from the 38th APDSA congress which was held in Bangkok-Thailand on the 15th to the 21st of August, although being back and returning to daily school activities i still can’t shake the euforia I got from the congress and a piece of my heart is left behind in Thailand making me miss it even more. During those amazing 6 days I left for a congress that I thought as always would be a memorable experience but as is completed my journey to the land of smiles i came back wanting for more as I yearn to relive those 6 days and wishing it would never end.hehe :D
This simply-narration is a retrospect of my personal experience during the congress which I want to share with all of you.
First of all,APDSA is a Dentistry Student Association of Asia-Pacific, founded in 1968 which is affiliated with the Asia-Pacific Dental Federation (APDF). This year there were 11 country as partisipants; Thailand,Australia,Hongkong, Fiji, Indonesia,Japan,Malaysia,New Zealand,Philippines,South-Korea,Taiwan.
Congress consists of several activities such as: lecture, scientific research competition, anual general meetings, cultural night,and the most fun activity is tours!! :D haha..- almost everyday we had a tour programme.
As the title implies I would like to give you my personal reasons why this congress was so spectacular for me and those who attended it.
Enough introductions let’s start!7 things that kept me in awe--
1. The hotel

We can’t start this post without the mention of the venue where we had the congress The Rama Garden Hotel, Bangkok
During those 5 days we had most of our activities and interact with the other participants of the congress in this wonderful hotel.Time flies during the day and without even realizing it it’s already time for the opening ceremony. This really stood out for me

The night went on to be a memorable one as we were serenaded by the Srinakharinwirot University Orchestra for the Opening Ceremony.
1. Rattanakosin Tour
During the Rattanakosin tour i got a glimpse of how much the culture is not just a history but as an identity and part of themselves. Their devotion to their culture is truly admirable.

The reclining buddha one of the must see spots in Bangkok. Here we have one of the participants taking part in local culture by giving alms to the monks by dropping coins into bowls which with it then the monks will use it to purchase food.

2. Chao Praya River Cruise
We had a nice dinner on the boat, something i was not expecting at all. The view in the boat isn’t bad either seeing you get a meal and tour of the city at the same time, with some in cruise entertainment.

3. Optional tour (Bang Pa in Palace,Ayyuthaya City)

OK,-don’t get me started on sceneries there, if you are a camera junkie then Thailand is the place to get out those SLR’s and start collecting your photos.These are above just some examples of what the eye candy Thailand has to offer you.
3. The Food
If you’re palate is of those looking for exotic and spicy cuisines then Thailand is the place for you.

The curry was one of the best dishes i’ve had in during my stay in Thailand. A visit to Thailand wouldn’t be complete with out a visit to the world famous Thai dish.
4. The lecture and seminar
The APDSA congress wouldn’t be complete without the collection of speakers sharing their knowledge in the field of dentistry. This year it was quite short but very inspiring and engaging lecture.

5. Scientific Research Competition
This part is devided into oral presentation and poster presentation.We get the opportunity to present our research,with tittled “Effect of Papaya Leaves Extract on The Viability and Cell Apoptotic Induction on HSC-2 Human Oral Cavity Cancer (in vitro)”.

6. Cultural Night and Closing Ceremony
In this event we’d like to perform balinese contemporer dance, we practiced about 2 months before ,guided by alfa plus. I’m glad we could participated to introduce indonesian cultured abroad. They’re also interested in our culture actually, it’s evidenced by many requests for taking pictures after we perform .xoxo-

7. New Friends
I bet that no one in this event who did not get a new friend from abroad or even domestic. It was great to have a big family like this ^^.

This is the end of my story i hope you guys enjoyed reading it as i did making it. I would like to close my story with kinda-persuating words “come,and join us in a big family of APDSA next year,in Cairns-Australia!! Go get your own experiences dentist .Explore your knowledge,culture and of course, establish your friends from various country ”

Friday, 9 September 2011

Passion or Obsession??

Passion is one of the most important keys to success in any arena of life.Ya- i do believe it! When you have passion in your life you wake up excited about your day. You make the right decisions, you get more done in less time, and things flow for you. If you harness your passion, people will believe in you, trust in you, and want to support you. No greatness can happen without a person’s passion behind it. But what exactly is passion??

Passion is a love of something. It is a strong feeling of desire to achieve something. In a way, it is almost like an obsession. It guides your thinking, it dictates your logic, it motivates you, it propels you to continuously take action. You can’t put your passion down, you can’t wait to get up in the morning and pursue it. You can never get enough of it, and you would do it whether you got paid or not. It’s that special something…

That special something can’t be a material object, though. That’s the difference between passion and an unhealthy obsession. Passion is based around a goal, an internalized goal, a core value. When you participate in your passion, it gives you a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

An obsession is just wanting something really badly. For example, wanting the newest and hottest fashion items so badly that it dominates your thinking and dictates your actions is not about passion. If getting new shoes and handbags and outfits drives you and motivates you in your everyday actions, you are obsessed and that’s not good. On the other hand, loving fashion and wanting to do whatever you can to be around it, whether it be designing clothes, blogging about the newest products, starting your own retail outlet, or anything else: that is a passion. It’s a subtle difference, but an important one.

Your passion can’t be a desire for an object. It has to based around an internal goal, and it has to be something you determine for yourself. You shouldn’t “adopt” a passion because it’s trendy and popular. Your passion needs to be something that you genuinely feel strongly about. When you find and harness that genuine passion, you’ll have the drive to continuously pursue it, you’ll have the determination and the tenacity to forge on, and you will find a way to succeed because your motivation will push you toward your goals.

Passion is the underlying power beneath everything you do. Without it, you cannot find true success.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

wow!you gotta be kidding me-such a great spirit 'uh?

Being a dentist is awesome:
We decide who should wear a crown, we plan bridges like engineers ,we extract roots like mathematicians, we make people suffer like bankers , we are always late like grooms ..but the most fantastic of all is that we make people smile more like clowns. Laugh to show those beautiful teeth that we've made !! ♥

We don't make the world turn round but we MAKE THE WORLD SMILE:D
Proud to be a dentist =D

- Quoted from somewhere out there -

Monday, 5 September 2011

"people are not going to see how tough you are, if so- they must be pretty sure to see you from the other side" :)

Friday, 2 September 2011

Mitos vs Fakta Seputar Gigi dan Mulut

Berikut adalah mitos2 yang sering kita dengar di masyarakat mengenai gigi dan mulut :), lets check them all,i would be glad if this article can help you guys answer the issues from your family,friends,society,new people,your girl/boyfriend,even your lecturer *if you are a dental student ;)hehehe

Mitos: Gigi atas yang sakit jika dicabut akan mempengaruhi syaraf mata. Bahkan dapat menyebabkan kebutaan.
Fakta: Syaraf yang mempersyarafi gigi geligi atas berbeda dengan syaraf mata. Bila seseorang sakit gigi karena karies (lubang gigi) pada gigi atas, penjalaran infeksinya memang dapat mencapai pipi hingga mata. Namun pencabutan gigi atas tidak akan menyebabkan kebutaan.

Mitos: Sakit gigi dapat disembuhkan cukup dengan minum obat penghilang rasa sakit (analgesik).
Fakta: Obat “pain killer” hanya membantu untuk menghilangkan rasa sakit sementara, namun infeksi bakteri pada gigi tetap ada dan suatu waktu rasa sakit akan timbul lagi. Maka jika terjadi karies, gigi tersebut harus dirawat. Bila karies belum mencapai jaringan syaraf, gigi masih bisa ditambal. Namun bila jaringan syaraf sudah terekspos, maka gigi sudah tidak bisa langsung ditambal tapi harus dilakukan perawatan saluran akar terlebih dulu.

Mitos: Gigi tidak perlu dicabut dan boleh dibiarkan saja bila yang tersisa tinggal akarnya saja. Toh, sudah tidak ada keluhan yang dirasakan.
Fakta: Bila gigi berlubang dibiarkan dan tidak dirawat, lama kelamaan gigi tersebut dapat patah sedikit demi sedikit karena adanya tekanan kunyah. Pada akhirnya, mahkota gigi habis dan yang tersisa tinggal akarnya saja. Biasanya pada gigi tersebut sudah tidak ada keluhan lagi. Namun bukan berati masalah sudah selesai. Akar gigi yang terekspos dengan lingkungan gigi tetap dapat menjadi sumber infeksi. oleh karena itu, biarpun sudah tidak terasa sakit gigi tersebut tetap harus dicabut dan dibuatkan gigi tiruan penggantinya.

Mitos: Anak yang punya kebiasaan menghisap jari giginya bisa maju atau tonggos.
Fakta: Banyak penelitian yang mengungkapkan bahwa kebiasaan thumb sucking pada anak dapat menyebabkan gigi depannya tonggos, tapi bergantung pada beberapa hal. Misalnya, sampai berapa lama anak tersebut terbiasa menghisap jari. Seberapa sering ia menghisap jari dalam sehari dan besarnya tekanan hisap si anak juga dapat mempengaruhi derajat keparahan. Kebiasaan menghisap jari yang bertahan antara 36 dan 48 bulan dapat meningkatkan resiko majunya gigi depan secara signifikan.

Mitos: Bila seseorang sakit gigi lebih baik dicabut daripada ditambal, karena setelah ditambal pun masih bisa sakit lagi.
Fakta: Pencabutan gigi adalah alternatif terakhir, bila perawatan lain sudah tidak mungkin dilakukan. Gigi sebisa mungkin dipertahankan dalam mulut, karena kehilangan satu gigi saja sudah dapat mengurangi efektivitas dalam pengunyahan. Gigi yang hilang sebaiknya diganti dengan gigi tiruan, namun sebaik apapun gigi tiruan masih lebih baik gigi aslinya. Saat ini ilmu dan teknologi di bidang kedokteran gigi telah berkembang pesat. Material kedokteran gigi terus menerus diperbaiki, sehingga hasil tambalan yang baik dan tahan lama dapat dicapai.

Mitos: Bau mulut disebabkan karena adanya masalah di pencernaan.
Fakta: Banyak penelitian yang menyebutkan bahwa 85 % bau mulut berasal dari gigi dan mulut. Bau mulut yang disebabkan oleh perut sangat jarang terjadi. Bau mulut disebabkan oleh bakteri yang bersarang di dalam mulut, bisa berada di gusi yang meradang, gigi yang berlubang, karang gigi, tambalan yang bocor, dan terutama di bagian belakang lidah. Bakteri yang berkembang dalam lingkungan tanpa oksigen ini memproduksi gas berbau yang disebut ‘volatile sulfur compound’. Inilah yang menyebabkan bau mulut.

Mitos: Obat kumur dapat menghilangkan bau mulut.
Fakta: Menurut suatu penelitian yang menguji keefektifan obat kumur yang mengandung essential oil, jumlah bakteri berkurang secara bermakna 12 jam setelah penggunaan. Namun obat kumur hanya efektif dalam jangka waktu yang pendek. Malahan, pemilihan obat kumur harus dilakukan secara hati-hati, karena obat kumur berbahan dasar alkohol justru dapat memperberat bau mulut bila digunakan secara berlebihan, karena kandungan alkohol dapat membuat mulut menjadi kering. Untuk menghilangkan, atau setidaknya mengurangi bau mulut, pembersihan gigi tidak difokuskan ke permukaan gigi saja melainkan ke seluruh permukaan yang ada di dalam rongga mulut. Terutama jaringan lunak seperti lidah dan gusi.

Mitos: Pencabutan gigi tidak boleh dilakukan pada saat wanita sedang menstruasi.
Fakta: Perubahan hormonal yang dialami wanita turut mempengaruhi keadaan di rongga mulutnya. Saat menstruasi, terjadi perubahan hormonal yaitu peningkatan kadar estrogen dan progesteron yang dapat menyebabkan gusi lebih rentan terhadap peradangan. Meski demikian, pencabutan tetap dapat dilakukan pada saat wanita sedang menstruasi. Untuk menghindari resiko, pencabutan sebaiknya ditunda hingga minggu terakhir siklus menstruasi di mana kadar estrogen sedang rendah.

Mitos: Bila gigi anak berlubang tidak perlu ditambal karena nanti juga akan digantikan oleh gigi tetap/permanen.
Fakta: Gigi anak yang berlubang tetap harus ditambal, karena gigi yang berlubang dan tidak dirawat dapat menyebabkan infeksi menjalar ke jaringan pendukung gigi. Hal ini akan mempengaruhi gigi permanennya yang sedang dalam tahap tumbuh kembang. Selain itu adanya karies pada gigi anak dapat menyebabkan anak berkurang nafsu makan dan cenderung rewel.

Mitos: Sariawan disebabkan oleh kekurangan vitamin C.
Fakta: Sariawan dalam dunia medis disebut dengan aphtous stomatitis. Penyebab dari penyakit ini belum diketahui secara pasti, namun ada banyak faktor yang diyakini berkaitan dalam memicu terjadinya sariawan. Di antaranya adalah menurunnya sistem imun (kekebalan tubuh), stress, trauma pada jaringan lunak dalam rongga mulut (seperti tergigit yang berulang-ulang), kurang nutrisi, atau disebabkan karena obat-obatan tertentu. Bila sariawan terjadi berulang-ulang dan hilang timbul, maka disebut recurrent aphtous stomatitis (RAS).


Saturday, 6 August 2011

cum laude to undefined happiness

Dear blogger,
yaaauu,being missing for like thousand days,its been an exams month and research-thing,so its kinda hectic month ya,hehe?
this is the word for me : Crazy little thing called HAPPY!! ya!i'am happy more than anything.
Alhamdulillah ya Allah
The thing is : this semester IP naaaiik,dan Alhamdulillah bisa menyandang gelar CUMLAUDE lagi..
the same,*always the same expression i had = 'crying',no- its not because cengeng,my tears just came out.:P

Pertolongan Allah.Dalam Al-Qur’an Surat Al-Baqarah ayat 257 menyebutkan:“Allah itu penolong (pimpinan) orang-orang yang beriman”
Derajat yang tinggi di dunia dan di akhirat.“ Allah mengangkat mereka yang beriman diantara kalian dan mereka yang diberi ilmu dengan derajat yang tinggi”.(Al-Mujadalah:11)

dari sini sadar banget,Allah dapat dengan mudahnya membolak-balikkan keadaan, -it happend to me, smester lalu sempat turun nilainya,dan sadar bgt kalo itu memang kehendak-Nya, ya. bukan untuk menangisi kenapa bisa turun nilainya,tapi saat itu memang 'ego',sedih banget kalo ingat ips yang turun *i just can't hide my feeling at that time,mulai saat itu saya bertekad dengan sungguh-sungguh ,insyAllah saya akan mengembalikan ips saya seperti sebelumnya dengan ber-nazar.

aaand it is true that Allah loves me in a way. Ia dpt dengan mudah menurunkan derajat manusia,dan mengembalikan ke keadaan semula,bahkan keadaan yang tidak dapat disangka oleh umatNya
All i hve to do now-> bismillah saya akan melaksanakan nazar saya :)

I love Allah because HE is the ONE, THE ONLY ONE!!!